Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dale Earnhardt Jr: - Can I Get Clear Bubble Goggles & 4 Tires To Go? (Dover)


Chassis 556 - qualified 32nd - here we go

Today's Scanner Chatter:

JR really loose off turn 4. In trouble early. Car is a handful!

Jr WAY toooo tight!!! LM 10/4

Radio is pretty much silent today - could be because this track is so tough to drive. The bumps are hard on the body, not to mention our car is running like crap again so it's a physical and mental issue.

Jr - Slide slide push 7 or 8 on a 10 scale, loose off the wall chattering - feels like it's gonna pop out right spring. Heavy right front solid feeling.

Before this caution came out we were two cars from going a lap down.

Pulled a half rubber out of left rear per LM

Jr - First couple laps up top real loose off like flat - trying to hustle up there - like trying to spin out. I was having a harder time than the guys in front of me from center off.

LM How was that Jr better, not quite enough but better. Pitting for 4 tires

Jr Rear grip is ok, front grip is only about 25% better, hurt the front and back, still ok change.

Most everyone staying out, we are pitting. LM one lane, one outside, yelling, always scares me. 82 outside and 12 inside per TJ

We start P28 - did beat the 82 out though.

Air pressure change in right front per LM let me know what you think.

Moved up to P23 pretty quickly.

Jr - Good change, but need a little more.

Jr Too loose in too tight off LM You're catching the 4 ahead of u we;ll keep working on it. (LOL as soon as I say radio is quiet)

Jr Losing rr grip real quick all the way through.

Jr is now a lap down 6 cars in front of him so no chance for lucky dog.

LM jumps on radio to tell him real good lap times.

Jr don't talk to me!!

I'm in the f'ing rhythm I'm too loose I'll tell you that!!!!!

Yep he's mad - to TJ - "I can see them in the mirror I don't need that"

Jr "No grip loose in whole car slides over the rubber patches,"

Jr: I'd like to come in and get some tires if we can do that."

This tire is terrible for this surface the marbles fall off and stick in the groove - he apologized to team for saying don't talk but doesn't feel like hearing it

Too loose on new tires, can't race them - been like that all day!

LM: we're gonna see if this works. A bunch of them stayed??? Jr: yeah

Jr: When we get a caution can I get a pair of clear bubble goggles? I'm sure you can find 'em somewhere.

Visor too dark - I had to laugh when thinking of how he would get those goggles over his helmet and air hose. Plus there would be space between that and his face ? Team probably should have considered the weather and gave him a visor with tear offs. Just my opinion of course.

Thanks for this part Rachel - I tuned out  --- After race audio. Was surprised anyone spoke --> Jr: heck of a try trying to get it better. sorry it didn't run any better

LM: there were times when we were as fast as anybody. That caution killed us, we were on pit raod and it came out and killed us. Jr: yeaeahhh

LM: It could have been worse, you were on top of it all day. Gotta get something to hang on a little better. Good at beginning you were bad as anyone just gotta keep working on it.

Jr: yeah it was hard to drive. last run got to landing too hard.

LM 10-4 everyone was busting ass coming off corner. amazing watching those guys all day long.

TJ said they were sliding in other side all day long too.

 THE END P 23 (two laps down)

Thoughts: (All I hear is sorry sorry sorry every week)

Do I have any? Yes - but we are in the same sinking ship that we have been in for almost over two years. At this point though we are bailing more water than ever.

I saw Rick Hendrick come into the winners circle to congratulate JJ today. I didn't hear one word of encouragement from him to Jr or the 88 team today over the radio.

I posted in the comment section of the Dover preview blog about how jealous I am of the guys who drive for Mr Childress. He takes no crap from anyone talking badly about his drivers, he shook up the whole organization to fix all his teams and I mean ALL his teams NOT just ONE who he wants to win the championship. At least it seems as though now 3 of 4 teams at HMS are struggling.

None of this makes any sense - it's beyond anyone's imagination that the top of the heap organization called HMS would fall into this abyss having what we have called junk cars, particularly for their new star driver, as he was crowned when they lured him there. I have to think that the mentality regarding Dale Jr when he came to their company still exists. He gets nothing good from them, it's frankly mind boggling to me. How in the world can this man and his other head honchos continue to watch this? Do they not see, hear like McGrew? Do they not care that they have become a laughing stock?

I don't care how great JJ does, they are still the butt of media and fan jokes now. That is because the elephant in the room is roaring and swinging his trunk around and they do nothing but blow a lot of hot air in our ears . Hello...... - Dale Jr does not deserve to be driving junk week in and week out - this is no exaggeration. Where is the money going instead of into computer programs and the cars so they are competitive, not just THE ONE.? Is the new building for the car collection taking up all the money and effort, you know, the one Steve Crisp is heading up.

I still call Dale Jr Superman, because I cannot fathom how he controls himself week in and week out with this load of crap he gets. I have to think last week was an anomaly - one good run in how many races. 60+ ? Except, of course, the plate tracks where Jr can out muscle the pos car and do his thing because he is the man, can still drive, has not forgotten, went into Chase in 04 in P1 for God's sake!

Give the man what he needs, or fix it so he can drive his own equipment out of JRM with his own people that can be trusted to build a great car and with a crew chief who can be competitive as well. The only person Dale can trust at this point to make the right decisions for him is Kelley. Additionally, he has family and friends at JRM who are 100% in his corner, have his back, and would never settle to send car to the track like he's got now. Never!!! They would work 24/7 to fix it and get it right, spare no cost!

Both HMS and Dale Jr need to save themselves from this implosion they call a spoiler problem which is laughable at best. Get over it, that's not the problem. Stop hiring from within and putting people in jobs they can't handle. Spend the money to do it right, or cut yourself down to the ONE DAMN shop that can run well. Kasey Kahne has got to be scared to death when he looks at the results of that second shop. Yes Mark finished 12th, but that is another one of kind thing this year. I wonder about those shocks - just kidding or maybe not.

That's about all I've got - worn out from this.

I just hope Jr isn't going to settle for this, or I am going to get mad at him too. The fans have put years of sweat, love and money into him as their driver. If there is any way possible to fix this, he must do it.

I will end with the fact that Dale won Dover before - so I hope he remembers that and doesn't give up!



  1. I am mad at all of them. Can not watch this any more.

  2. I was suspicious last week that the fans got thrown a bone cause they were roaring and so was the media. Hendrick shut us up.....and knows we will all (including the media) get tired of it.

    Same point as always. What can we EXPECT from a CC that was demoted from CC and brought out of the closet for Junior.......What would you expect. Just what we got.

  3. Sheesh I just noticed I mess up Ricks name :P

  4. tap. tap. tap. tap. tap. That's the sound of my fingers against my laptop as I try to think of something to put here that I haven't already put here before. Or maybe it should have been cricket. cricket. cricket.

    And really, what can any of us say that we haven't said before? Sometimes I feel like going back through Irene's blogs and just copy and pasting my previous thoughts. Certain that would work. Quite well actually. Probably a little too well.

    And today as my mind was wandering, all I could think about (as I saw some in my timeline), was Kasey Kahne's impending arrival at HMS. The Kasey fans were complaining today about how he's getting the raw end of the deal at RPM, that AJ was getting all the good cars and Kasey wasn't getting the leftovers. And it went through my mind what are they going to think in 2 years when Kasey jumps in that 5 car and races. Do they really, honesty, truely think he's gonna be getting the same thing as Jeff and Jimmie? He's not going into that shop. He's going in with the 88.

    And they want to make fun of us and put Jr down at the excuse that the "equipment is all the same". That Jr's getting the same thing as everyone else? hahaha. I can just live and think, "Just you wait. Just you wait until 2012 and you'll see what we've seen for 2 years." Because as long as Jeff and Jimmie are still at HMS, that's what HMS will be about. Rick could have 6 cars on that team, and it will still be the Jeff and Jimmie's team. It doesn't matter.

    And that's sad that that is how Rick Hendrick runs his business. That he allows the Titantic to sit in the shop and continue to sink and take on water, all the while blowing smoke NASCAR, the media and most importantly the Jr fans. Are they throwing everything they can at the 88 shop? Nope. Because we know damned well he's not. We aren't seeing any efforts being tossed in Jr's direction.

    Exhausting all resources is not A.) going to Barrett-Jackson auctions on race weekend, but being at the track the whole weekend overseeing your teams. B.) been seen in all pit boxes throughout the race and on the radio talking to the drivers and not just lounging in one. C.) Making changes to the pieces of the puzzle in the right place. If the pieces don't fit, hammering them with a hammer will not make them fit! Switch people around, bring in new people. It's not a bad thing to bring in outside people to help with your team!

  5. Oh and by the way - don't forgot that lowesracing has come up with this awesome, never before done idea!

    Live video chats with the team!!! First up on Tuesday in Ron Malec! And then you can flip over to the Ustream and watch someone from the Amp chat (to which I won't be watching because I hear they kind of suck now that Gluck's not doing them and I broke out into a rash - here I'm allergic to fluff! Who knew!)

  6. It would work going back through the other blogs because they have the same problem almost every week - so our comments would fit right in :P

    Amd, I just realized LM said "It could have been worse" OY OMG PUHleeeeeeeze how can it get worse? I guess he could wreck the f'ing thing, but Jr is too good a driver to let that happen. Amazing to me he hangs onto it as he does week after week, after week, after week, after week................

  7. Looks like everyone needs a Hug.


  8. The 88 team unloads a 30th place car every week. The team cant make many positive changes to it because, in my opinion, they don't know how. At the July Daytona race Lance completely missed the set up. At a plate track. When Jr drove it to a 4th place finish and Lance apologized when it was over for "missin it", I realized then there are no quality control over the idiocy that is Lance McGrew's set ups. Lance is not going to miraculously figure out how to Crew Chief. He needs to go back to R&D where he was apparently a valuable resource.

  9. #1 Thank you for this site - for your courage to share your thoughts and feelings about the terrible situation Dale Jr. appears to be in. It is refreshing to come here and know our driver isn't going to be criticized or blamed for the actions of others.
    #2 I'm with you - Dale Jr. is Superman. It is unbelievable how he can put up with crappy garbage he's expected to drive every week.
    I would love to know why the car that came to Dover was chosen - in the 9 times the car has been run, the best result was a third place finish (Michigan, August 2009), the third time the car was used. We've heard so much about crew chief's notebooks - I have to wonder if Lance has one because each of the last 6 times, including today, the handling has been terrible. I have to ask, if the car can't be adjusted to Dale's preferences why is it still being used? Why hasn’t the car be retired? Why can't "the great and mighty" engineers at Hendrick build a car that Dale can comfortably drive? If Jimmie, Jeff and Mark can have comfortable cars, why can't our driver? Until someone can answer those questions to my satisfaction, I'll reserve judgment on whether or not Hendrick Motorsports really cares about him as a person or only as a commodity.

  10. Diane88fan - you have better records on chassis than I do :) thanks. I can't figure out why they brought this one again, there must be one in the shop that's one step up from junk.

  11. Wow. Here we go again. Like it's been said earlier, we do this every week. I don't know if there's anything more to say.

    I also believe we were thrown a bone last week when Junior finished good. I just don't understand why he can't get a good car every week. I have no idea what goes on over at HMS, but it's so obvious that 1 garage is getting more "good stuff" than the other. I agree that Kasey Kahne should be shaking in his boots wondering if he made the right choice.

    Remember, he's not going to HMS next year. He's going over to Red Bull. He may stop and wonder if he made the right choice.

    What is Mark Martin REALLY thinking? Does he still "love" everything about Rick Hendrick and his crew and everything at HMS?

    I didn't watch the race today because I took my little grandaughter and daughter shopping so we could get out of the house.

    I am really sick and tired of what is happening to Dale Jr., but I'm also upset that HE is not doing anything about it. I only hope that Kelly is "working in the wings" to get him out of HMS and back into being a contender of a race driver.

    I also agree that Richard Childress seem to be the owner that I wish Junior would have gone to work for.

    I feel bad for Junior, but he's got to go while the sponsors still feel that he's worthy of sponsoring. No one can do this for him.

    I've mentioned stuff like this before and I was actually called not a "true" Junior fan or I wouldn't be talking like that.

    I am as true as they get and support him all the time, but what's the old saying? Sh_t or get off the pot.

    I think it's time he gets off the Hendrick pot.

  12. I have no words. I just want to cry. Our Superman has to be so tired after this horrible year. And I just read a horrible article on Yahoo sports.
    I'm usually an optimistic person, but we seem to be in this black hole we can't get out of.
    Dale deserves better. Oh well, maybe tomorrow the light of day will make it better. One can only keep hoping.

  13. wow it's depressing. do you still one hug left for me? :)


  14. Thanks everyone - Yes, I agree Jr has to make the decision - that is if he can. Thee may be contract and sponsor issues for an early bail out.

    Hugs for you DaleFan - we are all on this sinking ship - reminds me of Titanic - I am KING of the world!!! To - hang on Jack, hang on. I hope there's a different ending though. Some fans have already headed for the lifeboats, but we are still here!! Hang on!!!

    Just keep your life vests on :)

    I think Dale Jr will save himself and all his fans from the dark murky water. He really has to, or suffer an ugly end to his career. Time to rise from the ashes and grab hold of the golden ring somewhere. The one you thought was golden is tarnished and rusty like your cars.

    Sorry to be so down - sleeping on it didn't help me any = I woke up with a headache.

  15. I was just looking at last years Kansas race - finished 36th lost an engine :( Guess which chassis they used - thankfully they can't turn it around for next week.

    Grew and the No. 88 engineers will unload Hendrick Motorsports Chassis No. 88-556 :P barfcar

  16. Hug Hug for anonymous fan and anyone else who needs another one WestCoastGal88 maybe. Hope your headache goes away.

  17. Thinking Lance MaGrew should be called "Mr. Magoo"

  18. Sorry you woke with a headache - hope it goes away. Not a nice way to start a week.

    Has anyone hear or read how the results of the NASCAR inspections of Dale's cars after the Bristol and Atlanta races went? Since the Bristol car had been the one used at the majority of short tracks in 2010, maybe it either had issues or there wasn't enough time to get it properly set-up for Dover. I wonder if that is why they used the piece of trash they did.

    It will be interesting to see which chassis is chosen for Kansas. If we don't count the two that were "inspected" (88-578 & 88-612) and the piece of crap (88-556) used this past weekend there are 3 potential chassis available: 88-584 - used at the spring Atlanta race and both times at Pocono with mixed results, 88-589 used successfully at New Hampshire for both races and 88-599 used at the spring Texas race, and both Michigan races also with mixed results. Unfortunately he's only be able to qualify good (on the pole) with the 88-584 chassis. Do we dare hope for a repeat?

  19. Thank you so much for the blog, Irene. It sounds as though you are wearying of the same ol same ol, as we all are. Take heart, girl, you have very many supporters who appreciate your efforts so much. For what its' worth!

    I don't think Jr. had any illusions about this race. This car has never run good and he must have known there would be no miracles this weekend but in his true nature, he goes out and drives his heart out.
    People are wanting him to do what we all know he cannot - he has a contract, which he will honor because that is what he does and has always done in his life. He gives his word, period. Sponsors would just love a guy of his caliber just quitting. His company would really benefit from that kind of action.
    I would love him to leave HMS - I think that organization is toxic through and through but if that is going to happen, it will be only if he is fired or the contract runs out.
    Those wishing he would have gone to RCR - there were a lot of reasons that he did not - he will never go there, so that is not an option.

    Suffice it to say, if Jr. is going down on that sinking ship - then I am standing at his side, cheering for him, supporting him in every way I can, until there is no breath left. I will never belittle him or his efforts, as it is I that chose him as my driver and he has my 100% loyalty.

    Now off to tend to some medical matters and hopefully next week will be better but regardless, I'm here for Jr.

  20. KANSAS CHASSIS: This weekend, crew chief Lance McGrew and the No. 88 engineers will unload Hendrick Motorsports Chassis No. 88-556.
    -Same car used this week at dover

    This car was fast last year a few times but that isnt fast anymore. The sport changes too much. I dont get why they took a car that is over 1 year old to a track that doesnt fit its chassis profile.

    That being said my choice for car this week would be either 599(poconox2,michigan x2) or 612(indy, atlanta) but what do I know.

  21. Chassis 599 at Texas was pretty good - I have to check the other races -- we should find out today which one we get.

    This was the race LM gave him 2 tires at the end making him a sitting duck up front where others had 4 he went from about 3rd up to the fence and then backwards finishing 8th.

    Part of my blog --

    However, Jr always thinking something is his fault said - "The 14 will give me hell for that but I had to go - I had to GO!!!" - McGrew - "Don't think they wouldn't do the same to you!" Jr "Yeah they would -they like to give me shi!t for it" - (BOY is that ever true Jr) Jr Nation has not forgotten what Smoke said -- "no talent S-O-B"

    Prior to that wreck the 88 car was having handling problems off and on even though he was running up front. (I personally think the spoiler helped him keep that car in contention)<<<<<<NOTE TO HENDRICK!!!

    Jr "We got real problems now was about a 4 now it's a 6"(loose on 1-10 scale)

    He said "I've lost every bit of bumpstop - it falls right over getting in - but we'll see what we got here" - Jr I'm F'ing wrecking everywhere!" TJ said to dial in brake. Jr says "that ain't gonna do it you need to work on the race car!!!!!"

    Does the above sound familiar?

  22. do you still give hugs to Jr fans here? No i'm just asking.


  23. Yes - we are going to have a hug-a-thon later :) free hugs.

  24. *slams head into desk* WHY are we taking the same car to Dover? That car has no business being on the track. Please make a planter out of it.